March 29 Webinar Recording & LASTCHANCE Promo

Thank you for attending the webinar and for the amazing participation throughout!

It's clear that you see the value of creating easy and authentic video in your business - to improve your client experience, boost your brand, attract more of your ideal clients and help more people achieve their financial and life goals. 

So where to from here?

We talked about how easy it can be and also acknowledged that getting started is the hardest part. 

Getting started alone is even harder. 

Add in some imposter syndrome, a dollop of analysis paralysis and we've got a solid recipe for a non-starter. 

You've got too much to share, too many lives to change and too much of YOU that the world needs to see to not even start. 

So, let's get you started and let's all start together. Let's change the perception of financial services and change lives while we're at it. Fun also included.


Through my 3-month Video Creation Masterclass. It walks you through everything you need to easily and authentically leverage video in your business. The first month focuses entirely on building comfort and confidence; the second month is about simplifying the technical elements and the third concentrates on creating valuable and engaging content. 

There's one clear focus each week so that you're not overwhelmed and you'll build the habit of creating weekly videos as you'll have a 60-second video due each week. 

You can complete everything in your own time - planning for 1-2 hours per week - and you won't be alone. There are weekly Study Halls, accountability groups, expert workshops, support and collaboration from colleagues just like you. 

The next cohort kicks off on Monday, April 11th and as a thank you for registering/attending the webinar, I'm extending a LASTCHANCE offer to you for 25% off if you sign up by EOD Friday, April 8th. 

You can see all the details here and when you get to checkout, click "Add promotion code", enter LASTCHANCE and then click "Apply." 

If you have any questions, please use the "Talk to me" button in the bottom right and send me a text, audio or - ideally! - a video message. 

Here's to changing the profession, one authentic video at a time!

Cheers, Katie