Kate is an energetic, passionate speaker focused on providing actionable takeaways. She is experienced speaking to audiences around the world both virtually and in person, through keynote and breakout sessions, moderating and participating on panels, hosting and facilitating workshops.  

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Virtual Financial Planning

Add Value, Reduce Expenses and Expand Your Client Base

For a mature audience: As your clients move into retirement, travel more and possibly move away, it’s important for your practice to evolve and continue providing value to maintain and grow those relationships.  You may also be looking towards the next generation of clients and planners, and thinking about how you can transition to a more lifestyle-based practice. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to service your clients in the digital age, attract and build trust with new clients — regardless of where they’re located — and reduce expenses while creating a business and a life you love. 


For all ages: Technology has changed the way we all live, shop, work, and travel. It’s made the world smaller, bringing people and information right to our fingertips. Technology adds efficiencies, it allows you to reach your ideal client wherever they may be, and it provides an exciting opportunity to turn your clients into raving fans. In this presentation, you’ll learn what technology advisors of all ages should be embracing to boost client relationships, reduce costs, maximize your time, and create a thriving business and life you love. 

Article: 'Putting the Fun Into Virtual Financial Planning' featuring Kate's presentation

Stop Talking About Money

Having the Conversations Your Clients Need

Many of us follow life’s traditional path: education, marriage, kids, house, career, save, retire.  Financial planners know how to help clients reach these goals.  But the real value comes in helping clients acknowledge the goals and dreams they’re too scared (or busy!) to admit to themselves.  


Divorce rates are steadily high and nuclear families are in the minority.  What if we could help a client realize in advance that they don’t want to get married?  Or don’t want to have kids?  What if we talked less about money, and more about what people really want (even if they don't know themselves)?

This presentation will challenge the value you bring to clients and how greatly that value can increase when you stop talking about money. 

Kate's Article "Stop Talking About Money" in Financial Planning Magazine

Global Trends in Financial Planning

Opportunities and Challenges in Building a Cohesive Global Profession

While differences in economic maturity, regulation, culture and available technology necessitate a variety of approaches to financial planning, there are key global themes emerging among innovative financial planners and financial advisers. 

This presentation highlights what the best financial planners around the world are doing and provides actionable advice for embracing opportunities and conquering challenges. 

Keep up with the latest developments on Kate's podcast, The Innovating Advice Show


Testimonials and Reviews

I was introduced to Kate Holmes at a Women in Finance event. We had women from all over the finance industry and she so beautifully communicated to us all despite our differences. She is genuine and speaks with such simplicity. Her passion and values resonate with me. Women like her continue to inspire young women like me - and for that I thank her! -- Mona Manzambi


Thank you for being such an inspiration within the financial planning profession! Your personality and passion caught my attention immediately. Keep up the great work! -- Jayseelan Kistasami

As a true “old-timer” in financial planning, I find it tremendously encouraging and exciting to know that the future of our profession is in the hands and hearts of emerging leaders like Kate.  -- Eleanor Blayney, CFP®

Kate’s upbeat and thought-provoking presentation, “Stop Talking About Money: Having the Conversations Your Clients Need,” was a hit. She has a great story to tell about how she built her Gen X-/ Gen Y-Centric practice around active listening and appreciative inquiry tailored authentically to her beliefs and style. New wave of what’s next and what can work. Fun and authentic meets personal and practical. Generated a lot of buzz and inspired a lot of conversation among attendees. -- Liz Revenko, MA, MBA, CFP®

I really enjoyed Kate’s presentation. She has a great presence on stage and good energy in person. And she asked the most important question of life that many people sometimes don't ask themselves for ages, if ever. Great job, thanks for the inspiration! -- Danelle Chung, CFP®

I thought Kate’s speech at the Advisor Forum was amazing! I'm a psych and sociology major and a lot of my discussions with clients are more counseling than financial and I feel that's very helpful for them. Great to hear her thoughts! -- Tiffany Myers, CFP®

Kate did a great job of communicating her message with a story and reference points, and I love how she personalized it. Her free spirited approach and enthusiasm was engaging and captured my attention. Usually when I attend webinars I’m multi-tasking but this one was different because of her interest on placing values and goals first, and my own desire to live my best life and to share the same approach with my clients. -- Audry J. Batiste, CFP®, EA

Feedback from "Virtual Financial Planning: Add Value, Reduce Expenses, Expand Your Client Base"

  • Thank you for such an inspiring session! You have me thinking of ways to catapult our business into the future!

  • Excellent presentation, wish we had more time to pick her brain. 

  • First tech presentation with actionable items I've been to. 

  • This could have been longer, there was so much good info! Great speaker.

  • Great information. Great speaker. The most informative session so far. 

  • This session was fantastic! Well done and interactive!

  • Kate is a wonderful presenter and I walked away with several ideas I want to try when I get home. 

June 2020 feedback from "Be the Example: Reimagine Your Work and Your Life" 

  • Thank you, Kate - you've encouraged me to think beyond the "normal"

  • Thank you Kate for the amazing presentation!

  • Amazing session! Thank you so much Kate, you certainly rock!!

  • Thank you Kate! I was at the FPI event 5 years ago and you made a impact on my approach to growing my business back then and continue to inspire professionals in our field. 

  • Fan girl moment!! Thank you Kate!

  • So much food for thought Kate - thank you

  • Leaving inspired and with loads of ideas and thoughts to ponder and implement

  • Thank you Kate. Your passion is infectious and you continue to make a difference in others' lives. 

  • Kate's presentation really resonated with me. Thanks so much!

  • Love how you go against the grain... love how you highlighted the fact that it's the people with very low income that really need Financial Planners... You are such a delight and a relief within the industry...

  • Thank you Kate. I feel a renewed energy to reimagine my life and build my work around that instead of visa versa. 

  • Thanks everyone and especially Kate... you have loads of energy, which is wonderful.

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