Speaker & Influencer 
Program [U.S. Cohort]

We're changing the face of conferences. 

We'd like to see YOU on stage. (yep, you!)

Deadline to apply: Friday, September 24th. 

Only 30 spots available. 

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Say What?

We've got all the fun and wild details coming up in a short, 30-minute webinar happening LIVE at 12pm PT / 3pm ET on Wednesday, September 15th. Register below. 

The application deadline is September 24th so no time to dilly-dally! 😁

Note this is for the U.S. / Americas program cohort only. The other cohorts have been filled.

I'm soooo curious, tell me more . . . 

You know how most financial planning conferences have the same speakers?

And how they, you know, tend to *all look the same*? 


This program is all about changing that. And it's so successful it's won awards for promoting diversity and inclusion and helping individuals develop their stage presence. 

It was started by NextGen Planners in the UK in 2020 to flip the traditional financial planning conference format on its head.

In 2021, NextGen teamed up with Innovating Advice and other great communities around the world to take the program global and we're doing it again in 2022.

It's an 8-month coaching, training and support program for financial planners with little to no public speaking experience and is committed to gender and racial diversity among participants (wild, huh?). 

You will be supported through researching a topic, designing your narrative, developing your presentation skills and taking the virtual stage to share your kick-ass 10-minute presentation at The 2022 Global Financial Planning Conference in May 2022 (exact dates TBA). 

Don't they say public speaking is scarier than death? I feel that.

And we've got you!

Most things are scary before we try them. 

But they're a whole lot easier when we go through them with other people that feel exactly the same way. 

And even better than that, one of the four coaches in the program is an Anxiety & Mental Health Expert, here to help you through those wanna-barf, hide-in-a-corner, never-ever-nuh-uh-no-way feelings. 

Full program details below. 

Apply Now: Only 30 Spots Available

Note: This button will be removed once all spots have been filled. 

'I'm terrified but that means I should do it!'


'I've been wanting to break into speaking!'

Either way - great!
This program is about showing you just how much you're capable of - even if you don't believe it yourself right now - and that you have a valuable message to share. 

It's also about providing that opportunity you may have been searching for - to finally break into the speaking circuit, and make your debut at The 2022 Global Financial Planning Conference! #goals

Will I really be presenting at a GLOBAL conference?!


How cool is that?!

Terrifying too... sure... but that'll pass. 

It's just a TEN MINUTE presentation and you'll be delivering it virtually, so no bright, hot, blinding lights or eyeballs staring back at you. Just supportive colleagues around the world cheering you on. 

How does the program work?

So... is there a cost for the International Speaker & Influencer Program?

The program is free to all members of the IA (Innovating Advice) Community. I promise that's not an attempt at written mind tricks. 

This Program is one of the flagship initiatives for the Community and if you think this is bold and cool, you're getting a good feel for what the Community is all about.

What is the time commitment?


There are coaching and support sessions spread across the 8-months and we ask that you join each session live, though recordings will be available. Here's an overview: 

  • September 2021

    • Applications and selection ​

  • October 2021​​​

    • Meet the team and your cohort #newfriends​

  • November 2021​

    • Program introduction ​

  • December 2021​​​

    • Cohort social and networking​

  • January 2022​

    • 30 Day Video Challenge​

    • Presenting with IMPACT with Dominic Colenso 

    • 1:1 coaching: Selecting your presentation title with Adam Owen

  • February 2022

    • Speak with Confidence and Connect with Your Audience with Asger Lindholdt

    • Peer support session

  • March 2022

    • How to Structure Your Talk and Provide Your Expert Solution with Asger Lindholdt

    • 1:1 coaching: Honing your narrative with Adam Owen

  • April 2022

    • Emotional Storytelling with Nick Elston

    • Peer support session

  • May 2022

    • 1:1 coaching: Finalizing your presentation with Adam Owen

    • Peer support session

    • The Global Financial Planning Conference!  

There's also a little homework throughout which should only take a few hours then the focus is on building and practicing your 10-minute presentation. 

For safety (#techissues), you'll pre-record your presentation but you'll need to be available during your speaking slot as the goal is to deliver it live and feel elated once you're done. 


How much is membership in the IA Community?


Because accessibility and inclusion are important to us, membership is just US$47/m. No locks ins, tie downs or escape rooms you can't get out of. 

So could I do this program then cancel?

You could, but we're pretty sure you'll want to stick around, which is why we don't lock you in. 

You can learn all about the IA Community here.


Join our 30-min live webinar on Wednesday, September 15th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. 

Pressing Questions?

If you still have questions or prefer talking one-on-one, you can schedule a call below. 

You can also use the fun 'Talk to Me' feature in the bottom right to send a written, audio or video message. Bonus points for video messages!