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New Series, Hey Katie!, Answering Your Video Questions

Updated: Jul 10

Welcome to the first installment of my 'Hey Katie' series, where I answer the top three recent questions I've received from financial advisors keen on leveraging video to enhance their client relationships.

As financial advisors, establishing trust and authority is a key component of attracting and retaining your ideal clients. In today's digital age, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through video content.

This week, we're tackling the following three questions:

  1. When is my video ready to share?

  2. What should I wear when recording?

  3. How can I look younger (or, at least, not older!)?

Let's dive in.

1. When Is My Video Ready To Share?

A common question I receive is, "When is my video ready to be edited and shared with the world?" If you're asking this, you've likely already waited too long!

As financial advisors, precision and perfection are in your DNA, but it's essential to know that perfect is often the enemy of good when it comes to video content - and, honestly, when it comes to most things marketing-related. Striving for perfection can lead to over-investment of time with minimal to no return on that effort.

If you're contemplating whether your video is ready, it probably already is. We are our worst critic so 99% of the imperfections you're worried about, your audience will never notice.

And the longer you wait to get your content out into the world, the longer it's going to take to start attracting your ideal clients.

Remember, the goal isn't to achieve cinematic excellence but to authentically communicate your expertise. So, start before you think you're ready (because you already are), and embrace your content, share your insights, and connect with your target audience.

2. What Should I Wear in My Videos?

Deciding what to wear in your videos can seem like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be.

Recently, an advisor questioned if he should be dressed in a suit for his videos. Yet, when I asked if he expected his clients to dress formally for meetings, he answered "no." He himself was casually dressed and preferred his clients to follow suit.

This brings us to a key point: represent yourself as you'd like your clients to perceive you.

As a financial advisor, professionalism is crucial, but so is authenticity. The shift towards casual attire in professional settings reflects today's more relaxed business culture. Align your attire with your brand and the clientele you're targeting. If a casual vibe resonates with you and your clients, let it shine through your video content.

3. How To Look My Best On Video?

The age-old question of how to look youthful on camera is a universal concern.

The (natural) answer?

It's all about lighting.

Good lighting can dramatically improve how you look on video, bringing out your best features and masking any imperfections. Poor lighting can work against you, highlighting blemishes and potentially adding years to your appearance.

Your camera works hard in low light, which can affect its ability to focus and capture you at your best.

So, invest in good lighting or record on sunny days with lots of natural light coming through windows. Good lighting not only enhances your youthful appeal but also boosts the overall video quality. While filters and editing software can help, getting your lighting right from the start will ensure you always present yourself in the best light.

Like above, remember that we are our own worst critic, and that we want your authentic self to shine through. If you use wild filters or over-edit in your videos, then people meet you in person and you look completely different, you've instantly broken trust and will be starting off on the wrong foot.


Creating effective video content as a financial advisor doesn't have to be daunting. In fact, with the right support and coaching, it should be fun!

Stay authentic, start even if you feel unready, dress for your brand, and harness the power of good lighting. Video is a fantastic tool for building deeper relationships with existing clients and attracting new ones. The world is ready and waiting for you, so step into the spotlight (or natural light!) and start building your brand today.

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