IA 009: South Africa & Building A Business with Francois du Toit, CFP®

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Francois du Toit, CFP®, Founder of Francois du Toit Consulting and Technology is on the show discussing the successes and challenges of the financial services environment in South Africa, how business and career decisions — much like a financial or life plan — rarely go in a straight line, turning learning into doing and client engagement strategies.

You'll Learn

  1. About the South African financial services market

  2. How South Africa is handling the need for increased financial literacy 

  3. What the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is and how it’s impacting the industry

  4. Why we should be vulnerable and real with our colleagues in the industry 

  5. The importance of trying new things in your business and knowing that not all new initiatives will be successful 

  6. The challenges of adopting technology in a developing country when all power is turned off for hours at a time

Guest Bio

Francois du Toit, CFP is a financial planning and tax consultant, with more than 20 years’ experience. He offers various solutions to help financial professionals unlock growth, including career counseling and bespoke tech products. He’s also the host of the PROpulsion podcast, which seeks to inspire professionals in the industry.

Resources and Terminology

  1. Francois’ LinkedIn

  2. Francois’ Twitter

  3. Francois du Toit Consulting and Technology website

  4. PROpulsion Podcast

  5. Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa website

  6. RDR: Retail Distribution Review

  7. FSCA: Financial Services Conduct Authority

  8. #RiseAboveTheRest