Intergenerational Challenges of Moving from Peak 1 to Peak 2 with Matthew Jackson [Ep87]


In their thought-provoking white paper, New Frontiers in Wealth Management, Matthew Jackson and Bob Veres examine how advice firms can ensure long-term survival in a changing world.

In this episode, Matthew joins to take a look at one of the challenges discussed in the paper: the three intergenerational challenges of moving from a Peak 1 firm to a Peak 2 firm.


  1. Founders dig their heels in, and the next generation knuckles under

  2. Founders dig their heels in, and the next generation leaves to found a new firm

  3. The founder empowers the next generation to build the future firm, starting today

Whether they realize it or not, most firms are grappling with this challenge.

After listening to this episode, I encourage you read the full white paper here.


Guest Bio

Matthew Jackson is the Principal at Dialektic Consulting. He works with financial advisors who are looking to prepare their business for the next iteration of financial advice. This often means exploring frontier issues: questions with no established answers, which could prove existential if the external environment changes.

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