Escape the Workaholic Trap and Achieve Balance with Dr. Travis Parry [Ep84]


If you're struggling to achieve or maintain balance, as so many of us are, this episode is for you.

Dr. Travis Parry, author of "Achieving Balance" and founder of the Make Time Institute, where he helps financial advisors reach their business and personal goals in an overworked world, joins the show to discuss the three key myths he covers in his


  • that balance means doing it all at the same time,

  • that productivity is the magic pill and

  • that personal development is the end all be all.

One of my favorite lines from Dr. Parry's book is "productivity without boundaries creates a more productive workaholic."

Be sure to listen to the end where he provides an incredible free offer to listeners of The Innovating Advice Show.


Guest Bio

Dr. Parry teaches overworked financial professionals and business owners how to get 20% of their time back so they can invest it in achieving their goals and living their life on purpose.

If you are like most advisors, you don't even have a time management system and you work more than 50 hours chasing the dream of a lifestyle that lured you into your business, with the trap of making more money that will help you finally work less.

When Dr. Parry's not working hard himself, he's spending time with my family. He's been married over 15 years and they enjoy time together outside enjoying nature and sports, working on their home, vacationing alone, and serving in their community.

Full bio here.

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