Authentically and Successfully Grow in Less than 5 Hours Per Month with Ali Marchand [Ep83]

Updated: Sep 13


If you've been resisting marketing because it's seen as expensive, time consuming or salesy, this episode is for you.

I'm joined by Ali Marchand, CEO of Impresm in Switzerland, which specializes in accessible and innovative marketing for financial planners.

She's breaking down the three things that make marketing for financial planners different, the three key things you need in your marketing foundation and how to build and solidify that foundation in just five hours per month.

And it had such great engagement during the live stream - which we do with every episode at 2pm Eastern time each Tuesday - that there's some bonus content at the very end that worth sticking around for.


Guest Bio

With a background in both financial services and content marketing, Ali has the unique knowledge to help financial companies and business owners leverage digital platforms and position themselves as future leaders.

Ali worked on the portfolio management and client services teams at a Swiss wealth management company before starting Impresm.

Live Stream Recording

Note that episodes are initially live streamed every Tuesday at 2pm ET on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. Join the discussions live or wait for the podcast ~2 weeks later.

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