Creating and Maximizing Opportunities from Day One with Russell Ho [Ep82]


Russell Ho is an independent financial planner in South Africa who not only thinks outside the box, he creates whole new boxes to play in.

From his first job in financial services at a large company, Russell leveraged his creativity and determination to stand out, impress the well-funded marketing department and make a name for himself.

But that didn't come naturally. As we discuss, Russell was an introvert and wasn't sure how to connect with clients and prospects. But he threw himself in the deep end, with one creative initiative after another, knowing that failure - if it came - wasn't the worst outcome.

As his success has grown he's also battled imposter syndrome, which we chat about.

So if you're looking for ways to stand out, come out of your shell, or battle that pesky imposter syndrome, this episode is for you.


Guest Bio

Russell is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional and proudly self-admitted "addict of learning" from all realms of knowledge and wisdom whether it be studying further, books, podcasts, videos, mentors, and networking, raising my awareness and expanding my mindset.

I initially entered the financial planning industry with the simple purpose of doing what was expected - "Helping people to plan their finances well" - Simple, Boring, Unexciting, Bland, what you expect of a typical financial planner and the "Complete Opposite" of who I am. Over time, I realized that I did not want to be placed in this very same boring box like so many others and decided to reinvent myself, the advice and service I provide and the experience each and every client would receive when meeting me.

Through trial, error and gaining feedback from clients and strategic partners, it finally hit me and it became my new found flame which ignited my passion and calling. Read more here.

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