The Future is Bright for Young Women in Financial Planning with Chanelle Pattinson [Ep80]

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Chanelle Pattinson is a rising star and young woman in financial planning. She grew up thinking financial advice was boring and that advisors just drink tea and make money grow through watching her father. But after dipping her toe in, she quickly fell in love with financial advice.

But when she looked around, she couldn’t find any other young women like herself.

Always up for a challenge and trying new things, Chanelle shares what she recently launched - and teases something that’s coming soon - that’s helping to ensure the future is bright for young women in financial planning.

We also discuss why you should say yes to wild ideas and get out of your comfort zone and the importance of finding your people.


Guest Bio

Chanelle is an Independent Financial Adviser at P&P Invest Ltd. She's Level 4 qualified in Financial Planning and working towards her Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, to become a Chartered Financial Adviser.

She became a financial adviser because she has a passion to help people make sense of their finances and achieve their financial goals.

In her spare time she enjoys walking her cocker spaniel Joey and reading a good book.

We Mean Business - a weekly show were she will be chatting to inspiring women within the world of finance and showcasing that women are an asset to this industry. If you are a women working within finance, or looking to move into the industry make sure you connect with Chanelle on LinkedIn (here).


00:00 - Introducing Chanelle Pattinson

02:06 - Chanelle’s first impressions of financial advisors

04:10 - Becoming a financial advisor

09:16 - Not seeing other young women in the profession

12:17 - Launching a group for young women under 30 in financial planning

19:04 - Taking action and saying yes to opportunities

22:05 - Finding your people and building a community

24:30 - What’s next

26:48 - Reaching out to people in school

29:50 - Changing the conversation

30:45 - Advice for young women

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