Make Each Year of Your Client Experience Better than the Last with Michael Back [Ep79]

Michael Back, founder of Human to Human in Australia which helps financial advisors create loyal clients who make your business more profitable, joins the show. Michael is a customer experience enthusiast, business coach, people lover and multi-award winning marketing consultant.

In this episode, we're chatting about how to make each year of your client experience better than the last. And how to determine and prioritize the right activities at the right time to make that happen.


Guest Bio

Michael Back is the award-winning founder of Human to Human, and he helps financial advice businesses go from good to great.

Despite the noise and distraction in our industry right now, he believes there has never been a better opportunity to grow your advice business. But without a vision for what’s possible and a focus on the right areas, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working hard each day, yet feeling frustrated by slow growth.

Great businesses are built through happy, successful and engaged clients. At Human to Human, we guide you through the steps to help more of the people you want to help and build a business you can be proud of, one human interaction at a time.


00:00 - Introducing Michael Back

03:05 - The first impression financial advisors give off and what could they be doing better: Why having a great client experience is key

06:30 - What holds businesses down

08:19 - How to determine what to focus on

09:22 - Ask your team where they think the client experience should be improved

10:05 - Getting feedback from your clients: Creating great surveys

15:00 - Scheduling online and the Zeigarnik effect

18:09 - Identifying problems and the shiny object syndrome

21:50 - Why video is key to improving your client experience

23:21 - Doubling down on your humanity and letting go of old assumptions

27:48 - Find a starting point and make small efforts consistently

29:19 - The most important changes advisors make to their client experience

31:12 - Empowering employees and the win-win-win of business

33:38 - Getting the basics right vs the bright shiny object

36:17 - Being consistent

40:40 - Where to find out more about Michael and Human to Human