Attracting and Developing NextGen Talent with Kate Healy [Ep78]

Welcome to episode 78 of The Innovating Advice Show.

I’m joined by Kate Healy who is known and admired for her expertise and passion around all things nextgen in financial planning.

We’re chatting about how the pandemic has been a catalyst for change in how we go about attracting and developing the next generation of talent - not just in client facing roles or for younger people, but in all the important roles across an organization and including career changers.

We also discuss imposter syndrome and ways to overcome it - including by participating in the amazing Speaker & Influencer Program in the Innovating Advice Community - and Kate provides some ideas on how to overcome social media compliance challenges you may be facing.

We wrap up with Kate sharing the incredible work that’s happening at the Foundation for Financial Planning where she is the current Board Chair.


Guest Bio

Financial Services Industry Executive; Nonprofit Leader; B2B CMO, Brand Builder, Team Developer Innovative Marketer; Passionate Speaker/Moderator/Blogger; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader Respected NextGen & D&I Advocate; Recognized Industry Collaborator; Relationship Manager


00:05 - Introducing Kate Healy

02:21 - What has changed in terms of the future of financial planning and attracting next gen talent?

04:19 - Training and engaging virtually

06:59 - Attracting next gen talent: Looking for diverse talent and how to connect with others

11:05 - What kind of roles do people want to hire for?

12:01 - Look for talent outside financial planning programs

15:49 - How to overcome impostor syndrome

19:11 - Launching the new Innovating Advice Community and Speaker & Influencer Program

21:08 - The Condoleezza Rice story plus some great tips on public speaking

26:22 - Compliance limitations: How do we communicate today?

32:15 - The Foundation for Financial Planning

38:18 - Some final thoughts