Humans Under Management and Behavioral Finance with Andy Hart [Ep57]

Welcome to episode 57 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by Andy Hart, founder of Maven Adviser in the UK and the Humans Under Management Behavioral Finance Conference.

In this episode, Andy shares what Humans Under Management means, how the Humans Under Management events came about and this year's virtual event happening on the 8th of September with great speakers from around the world.

We also chat about what behavioral finance means, what it looks like in practice and how it ties in to those Humans Under Management, and Andy shares why he thinks everyone should call themselves a financial advisor even if they fancy themselves a coach, planner, lifestyle adviser, wealth manager or a myriad of other titles.

Humans Under Management virtual event happening 8th September:

Tickets: R500, US$30, £23, AU$42.


Guest Bio

Andy Hart is a passionate and opinionated personal finance expert. He wants to help people make smart (unconventional, countercultural) financial and life decisions. The humans left the factory with all of their screws loose, the screws regarding money and decision making are the final ones to be tightened. Ensuring people behave their way to wealth.


01:20 - Introducing Andy Hart

03:20 - What Humans Under Management means

05:50 - How the HUM events came about

09:47 - Some of the most memorable HUM speakers and topics

16:05 - The next #HUMconf on 8 September 2020

17:10 - What is behavioral finance?

20:37 - What behavioral finance looks like in practice

23:36 - How behavioral finance fits with behavioral coaching and financial wellbeing

30:10 - Helping clients make unconventional decisions

34:55 - The most effective ways to improve decision making

38:53 - Andy’s favorite books on behavioral finance

41:50 - Some final thoughts