Building the World’s Best Independent Advice and Education Platform for Women with Olga Miler [Ep53]

Welcome to episode 53 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by Olga Miler, co-founder of SmartPurse which is empowering women from all over the world to build each other up and reach new heights of financial independence.

In this episode, Olga, who co-founded and developed UBS Wealth Management’s award-winning global female program and the Gender ETF, shares why she co-founded SmartPurse, the global impact they’re seeking to make and how financial advisers around the world can leverage the platform to grow their own businesses.

We also chat about Olga’s current research around women and money which, despite being a highly researched topic has had really slow progress, and how she’s hoping to change that.

And finally, as an expert in gender-smart investing, we chat about what that means and why advisers should be more knowledgeable in this area.

Humans Under Management virtual event happening 8th September:

Tickets: R500, US$30, £23, AU$42.


Guest Bio

Olga Miler is an award-winning innovation architect and marketing executive. She is a specialist in complex business transformation and digital innovation. Olga co-founded and developed UBS Wealth Management award-winning global female programme and the Gender ETF and until recently was the programme’s global architect. She is passionate about diversity in business and finance.

Olga is also a marketing and innovation expert, recognised as one of the Senior Leaders in Fintech (Innovte Finance); Inspirational Woman of the Year (CityWealth); Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Leaders (Madcon); Financial services change maker - building new solutions to innovate financial services, specialising in financial education, customer experience and gender-smart investing.


01:12 - Introducing Olga Miler

03:15 - The why behind creating SmartPurse

06:33 - New research to understand how people search for financial education

11:37 - The financial health test

13:10 - The difference between financial education and financial literacy

16:23 - The process of signing onto SmartPurse

18:50 - Men are welcome too

21:05 - Becoming listed on the platform as an advisor

24:54 - Going global

26:35 - The ultimate goal for SmartPurse

27:36 - The result of previous research on women and money

32:04 - Gender lens investing

33:47 - Sustainable investment

34:55 - Impact investing

36:40 - Some final thoughts

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