Bringing More Women Into Client-Facing Roles & Building an All-Women Firm with Gretchen Betts [Ep47]

Welcome to episode 47 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by Gretchen Betts, Managing Director at Magenta Financial Planning in the UK which has a team of all women.

In this episode, Gretchen shares how and why the name Magenta, and its fantastic name-inspired branding, came to be. We chat about building a team of all women, how to bring more women into the profession and into client-facing roles, how Gretchen acquired the skills and support structure to succeed as a Managing Director and the things Magenta outsources to make sure their time and energy is spent where it’s most effective.

We wrap up by chatting about Gretchen’s love of ceramics and crafting and her Persian cat, Basil, who has 21k followers on Twitter.

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Guest Bio

Gretchen is joint founder and owner at Magenta. As a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager, she’s passionate about working closely with clients to understand what they really want from life and to help break down some of the barriers people have when talking about money.

She believes that financial planning isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about helping people understand what’s possible with the resources they have available and encouraging them to pursue their passions!

Gretchen holds a BA (hons) in Ceramics and when she is not working, likes experimenting with all types of art and craft, but in particular, anything textile based.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling to explore new places and entertaining her Persian cat, Basil.


00:37 - Introducing Gretchen Betts

02:25 - Where the name Magenta came from

06:23 - Giving clients permission to spend

09:45 - Having an all-women team

13:30 - Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession

14:30 - Speaking at events as part of a minority

20:25 - Acquiring the skills the become Managing Director

23:38 - The 24 Hour Global Commute and Gretchen's love for ceramics and crafts

26:54 - Learning to outsource

28:38 - The benefits of freeing up time by outsourcing 

30:25 - Outsourcing marketing and social media

33:00 - Gretchen’s Twitter famous Persian cat, Basil

36:10 - Final pieces of advice

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