Lessons From Seven Years of Building a Successful Monthly Retainer Business with Eric Roberge [Ep43]

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Eric Roberge, Ep43, The Innovating Advice Show

Welcome to episode 43 of The Innovating Advice Show.

I’m joined by Eric Roberge, CEO of Beyond Your Hammock in Boston, Massachusetts for what is essentially an awesome masterclass for anyone considering or in the process of starting their own business or moving in a new direction.

Eric followed his gut and started Beyond Your Hammock in 2013 as a monthly subscription model to work with people in their 20’s and 30’s before there was a blueprint for how to do so.

In this episode, he’s sharing everything about his journey from setting aside his ego and waiting tables in the early days to how he hustled to grow the business, how he’s focused his niche over the years, his fee model and his client journey.


Guest Bio

Eric Roberge is a fee-only financial planner located in Boston, MA serving clients locally and across the country. Beyond Your Hammock helps high-achieving professionals in their 30s and 40s live well today while still planning responsibly for tomorrow. BYH specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment management programs to address the most pressing financial needs, goals, and questions of clients and builds financial strategies to provide the best course of action.

Beyond Your Hammock has been named one of the best financial planning firms in Boston by Expertise.comand is part of Investopedia’s Top 100 Financial Advisors. He is also part of Investment News’ exclusive 40 Under 40 list, Wealth Management Magazine called him one of the top 10 CFPs under 36, and Financial Advisor Magazine said he was one of the top 10 Young Advisors to Watch.


00:52 – Introducing Eric Roberge

02:45 – The catalyst for starting Beyond Your Hammock

04:15 – Doing whatever is necessary to build your business

08:40 – The importance of networking

10:19 – Instant gratification vs. long term fulfillment

11:40 – Growing the business

14:15 – Finding what works for you

15:40 – Finding your niche

18:50 – What being authentic means

22:10 – Choosing who to work with

24:37 – Eric’s fee model

30:42 – The client journey

34:15 – Using money as a tool to live a life you love

35:40 – Creating a timeline with your client

36:40 – Having a strong relationship with your client

39:24 – Advice to others