How Coaching is Financial Planning Done Correctly with Kim Potgieter [Ep31]

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Welcome to episode 31 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by Kim Potgieter, Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions in South Africa. She is also the author of the book Retiremeant; the founder of the Women in Finance Network; has a number of certifications – especially around coaching; and just launched a new virtual program for visionary financial planners. 

In this episode, we’re talking through Chartered’s innovative approach to retirement planning – which can and should be applied to clients of all ages – and how coaching is not separate from financial planning. Rather, coaching is financial planning done correctly.


Chartered Wealth Solutions: Wheel of Balance

Chartered Wealth Solutions: Bucket Wheel®

Guest Bio

As Director and Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Kim is able to combine her two passions: studying the relationship people have with money and advising people on how to get the most life from their money in Retiremeant™.

She is a Registered Financial Life Planner, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional, a Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation), a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and a New Money Story® Mentor Coach. Her Industrial and Clinical Psychology degrees further enable her to assist clients in merging their money with meaning.

Kim’s message is clear: by understanding your relationship with money, you can begin to shift your mindset to create positive and powerful transitions.


00:36 – Introducing Kim Potgieter

02:53 – Becoming a financial planner after a career change

03:30 – What RetiremeantTM is: making retirement more meaningful

04:30 – Turning a tragedy into something good: how Kim’s personal history impacted her career choice

07:25 – The Wheel of Balance

11:04 – People who love what they do don’t want to stop working

12:23 – Start your hobbies early, they might even become your purpose

14:16 – How to make retirement an easier transition

15:49 – The Bucket Wheel®

18:30 – Acquiring the skills to develop a meaningful conversation with clients

20:25 – Discovering coaching

23:30 – The future of financial planning: having a coaching philosophy

25:00 – How learning what resonates with you can help you serve your clients better

26:00 – The first online training program for financial planners

27:00 – Being inspired and staying true to your conviction

28:55 – Becoming a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

30:21 – Having a rewarding career and making a difference

34:00 – Helping clients understand their relationship with money: understanding where it came from and getting rid of bad habits.

36:37 – Starting the Women in Finance network

39:00 – Communicating and working with clients during the pandemic: the impact of empathy

41:10 – Keep on learning