When The Penny Dropped: From Product Sales to Doubling Down on Being Human w/Amyr Rocha-Lima [Ep28]

Updated: Aug 21

Welcome to episode 28 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by Amyr Rocha-Lima who is a partner at Holland Hahn & Wills in the UK. 

In this episode, Amyr walks us through his career journey, from how he missed the dress code memo for his very first interview, to the serendipitous connection that led him to join Holland Hahn & Wills to begin the firms succession plan. 

Amyr shares how investing in himself and continued learning has benefited him throughout his career and listen till the end where he provides a valuable challenge for all of us to help in our career and business. 


Guest Bio

Amyr Rocha Lima, CFP® is a chartered financial planner who specialises in helping successful business owners and senior professionals with their retirement planning. He is a partner at Holland Hahn & Wills LLP, a financial planning and wealth management firm based in Kingston upon Thames.

Originally from Brazil, Amyr has lived around the globe, spending his childhood in Australia and completing his education in the USA and the UK. His summers were spent back on his family’s farm, where he got involved with raising cattle and horses – even helping set up an apiary.

Amyr and his wife, Patricia, have two young children.


00:37 – Introducing Amyr Rocha-Lima

02:34 – What getting the first interview in the industry was like

03:43 – Adapting to the new work environment

04:52 – Working as a phone-based broker at AXA Wealth 

06:30 – Growing up in Brazil

07:20 – How to work with clients: learning as you go

08:50 – Going to MetLife and launching a new niche product in the UK

10:40 – Doing CPD (continuing professional development) seminars

13:03 – Bringing Joe Jordan as a keynote speaker to a CPD seminar: verbalizing the work financial planners do

15:05 – Wanting to having more impact by cutting the middleman (himself!)

15:39 – How a personal family story linked with work: the importance of leaving the right legacy

17:22 – Paying attention to your personal story

20:02 – Education is the way through

21:10 – The most important skill: learn to listen

23:45 – Invest in your education

25:42 – Leaving MetLife to work for a traditional IFA firm

27:05 – Doubling down on being human: don’t try to compete with a machine

28:53 – Restructuring the business and going to work for another firm

30:30 – Starting a succession plan and becoming partner

35:04 – Wanting to make changes

39:24 – Presenting at the BACK2Y conference

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