Ditch the Status Quo and Build Your Ideal Life and Business with Derek Notman [Ep27]

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Welcome to episode 27 of the Innovating Advice show.  

I’m joined by Derek Notman, founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners where he’s known as a virtual CFP professional for elite frequent fliers. 

In this episode, Derek and I chat about the paths we took – both entering financial services in 2006 and going virtual in 2013 – and how we came to the same conclusions despite very different experiences during that time. 

We also discuss how to build trust online and how determine what your ideal client looks like after first doing some internal work. 

And stay tuned until the end where Derek talks about the system he’s built to help advisors that want to transition to a virtual practice. 


Guest Bio

Derek Notman is CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and the Founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners.

As a Virtual CFP® Professional for elite frequent fliers, his soul purpose is to help Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners, Startup Companies, and their Families realize their hopes, dreams & goals through the powerful leverage of the financial planning process.

Derek is a triple citizen, a Delta Diamond Medallion Member (almost a million miler), aspiring surfer, husband and father. He is also the creator of The Virtual Advisor System for NextGen Advisors. 


00:30 – Introducing Derek Notman

02:35 – The current travel situation

06:30 – Transitioning to virtual in 2013

12:43 – The benefits of working remotely and how to start

17:55 – Why are advisors hesitant to change

20:47 – Building trust online

24:24 – Being the example that resonates with the client / Having an awesome life and work balance 

26:17 – Defining your ideal client

30:56 – How clients find you: the importance of having a strong digital footprint

35:51 – Deciding what platform to be on: go where you are comfortable / be where your ideal client is

34:10 – What to put on social media: be educational and genuine, not spammy

35:16 – The Virtual Advisor System

39:48 – The best apps and tools that bring efficiency

41:29 – Focus on the positive and know your why