Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Cybersecurity with Joel Drake [Ep16]

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Welcome to episode 16 of the Innovating Advice show and to the most actionable episode yet. 

I’m joined by Joel Drake, a technology specialist.  We're talking about keeping your business secure and tools to bring efficiency to your business. 

We are providing clear, actionable steps and recommending tools, and to make it as easy as possible for you to implement, I’ve created a checklist that you can download with the steps, tools and links below. 

You'll Learn

  1. The importance of cybersecurity and the #1 thing advisers can do to increase their level of security.

  2. Where to start with cybersecurity and why you should bring your clients along on the journey. 

  3. How facial/emotion recognition software impacts risk tolerance outcomes.  

  4. What one of the most underutilized tools that advisers already have is.

  5. What to watch out for in technology and solutions marketed to financial advisers.

Guest Bio

Joel Drake is a Systems Analyst at TownSquare Capital. Joel’s role is all about helping TownSquare Capital and it’s advisors leverage technology to enable them to spend more time focused on providing value to their clients.

Resources and Terminology

  1. One-page checklist with links: Cybersecurity: Top Four Must-Dos (download below)

  2. Joel’s LinkedIn

  3. TownSquare Capital website

  4. NVISO: Facial Recognition

  5. Genivity

  6. FP Alpha

  7. PreciseFP

  8. Orion Advisor Tech

  9. LaserApp

Cybersecurity: Top Four Must-Dos for Advisers and Clients

Download here