Innovation in Budgeting and FPA NexGen with Hannah Moore [Ep14]

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Welcome to episode 14 of the Innovating Advice show and to the last day of this week of amazing women. 

I’m joined by Hannah Moore, who owns a financial planning practice, Guiding Wealth, and consults for the Financial Planning Association in the US. 

Hannah has soft, calming voice so I would not recommend listening to this episode in a loud place. 

In this episode, we chat about the FPA in the US, a great conference coming up in June called FPA NexGen Gathering and we dive in to how Hannah is really innovating advice, through a product she’s created called BudgetingBlocks™ for advisers to bring the budgeting conversation to life with their clients. 

You'll Learn

  1. About FPA NexGen 2020 and why it’s a can’t miss conference for those in the first decade of their career. 

  2. That financial planning turned 50 in the U.S. in 2019 and is still a young and evolving profession.

  3. That the profession is in great hands with the next generation. 

  4. What a Certified Financial Transitions Expert is. 

  5. What BudgetingBlocks™ are, how they work and why Hannah created them. 

Guest Bio

Hannah Moore, CFP® is the owner of Guiding Wealth in Dallas, Texas. She is passionate about promoting financial planning to the next generation of financial planners and consults with the Financial Planning Association on their next generation initiatives.


The transitions chart Hannah mentioned: