The Human Advisor Approach and Inspiring All 'Onward to Greatness' with Dasarte Yarnway [Ep56]

Welcome to episode 56 of The Innovating Advice Show. 

I’m joined by Dasarte Yarnway, Founder and Managing Director of Berknell Financial Group which he started at age 24 and which quickly became one of the most notable millennial-led financial services organizations in the U.S.

A true thought leader, entrepreneur and inspiration for this generation, Dasarte shares the powerful story behind his Onward to Greatness brand and discusses how he’s structured Berknell with three distinct client groups to serve clients at every stage, including traditionally overlooked and underserved people.

We chat about the three books he’s written, his podcast, weekly blog and how he’s working towards quadrupling the number of households that Berknell serves.

May we all follow Dasarte’s lead and keep being human and moving onward to greatness.

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Guest Bio

Dasarte Yarnway is the Founder & Managing Director of Berknell Financial Group, an innovative independent wealth management firm focused on helping millennials and seasoned investors design their best lives.

Since the firms inception, Berknell Financial Group has become one of the most notable millennial-led financial services organizations. In an industry that focuses on revenue and an dollars-invested, Dasarte realized that a firms value is created through how they could invest in their clients. Through this, The Wealth Bridge™ , Private Client Groups and Berknell Athletes were created. With his passion for listening to his client greatest concerns and applying realistic solutions, Dasarte has become the go-to partner for millennials, growing families and seasoned investors alike. Berknell encapsulates this approach in their motto: Advice With You In Mind.

Coined a “financial thought leader” and Guru by Nerd Wallet and Financial Planning Magazine, Dasarte believes in meeting you were you are. He offers advice and insight through his weekly podcast, The Young Money Podcast, three books (Dating Benji 2016, Young Money 2018, Pay Me In Equity 2019) and weekly blog. His prayer is that you may design your wealth on your terms.


01:15 - Introducing Dasarte Yarnway

04:24 - The story behind Onward to Greatness

06:40 - Ten lessons from the battlefield

09:37 - Starting Berknell Financial Group at 24

15:05 - Be an agent of change

16:33 - The benefits of starting your own firm

18:45 - Being inspired

19:55 - Inspiring others

21:03 - Being human

22:51 - Berknell’s three distinct client groups

26:34 - Expanding the Berknell community

27:51 - Bringing the community together

29:10 - Going virtual

31:00 - Dasarte’s start as a writer

35:27 - What’s next