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Geographic Diversity of Guests

Guests rotate between North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, because innovation is happening everywhere.

Gender and Racial Diversity of Guests

Kate is committed to having 50% of guests be women, from all over the world.


Suggest an amazing woman or person of color (or you!) below.

Topic Diversity in Episodes

We cover all major areas of working on the business to help you continually innovate and build a thriving, future-ready business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are new episodes published?

New episodes are released every Tuesday and

Thursday, year round. Occasionally there may also be a special series or bonus episodes. 

How can I be a guest on The Innovating Advice Show?

If you or someone you know is doing innovative things in the areas above, I look forward to hearing about it and possibly featuring them on the show!


Please complete this short form and Kate will be in touch.

I would like Kate to attend and cover our event / conference on The Innovating Advice Show. 

You’ll often hear Kate speak of the value of attending in-person events and networking with colleagues.  What better way to emphasize this than to have your event promoted and covered on the show? Kate is open to opportunities worldwide and while she’s there, she’d love to provide value to your audience from the stage! Please email

Is Kate ​available to be a guest on my podcast?

Kate is a frequent guest on other podcasts and equally enjoys being on that side of the mic. Please email your request, including podcast name, target audience, topic(s) you’d like to cover and ideal recording date to

Media Inquiry

Kate enjoys building relationships with the media and being a go-to resource. Please connect with her on social media or email:

I would like to discuss sponsoring the show. 

Great! Can’t wait to hear from you. Please email with information about your campaign and you'll receive a prompt response. 

Other Resources and Services From Innovating Advice

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C O N S U L T I N G  &  I M P L E M E N T A T I O N 

Consulting and implementation to innovate everything in your advice business so you can stay focused on your business. 

W E E K L Y  V I D E O  S E R I E S

Short, weekly videos with actionable advice to keep you at the forefront of innovation in your financial advice / financial planning business. 

Helping financial advisers worldwide increase the value of your business for you, your clients and your upcoming exit.  

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