Individual Advisers / Planners

Collaborating to get you unstuck, reenergized and thriving in business and life.

60-minute Collaboration Session 

  • Virtual, recorded session so that you can focus on being fully present (and not on taking notes!). 

  • Will request topics, questions and background in advance to make the most of our time together. 

  • A focused deep dive to understand your opportunities, challenges and desires and come up with clear next steps. 

  • Additional sessions may be needed as you work through transition or an ongoing relationship might suit best for a period of time. 

  • Cost: US$297

45-minute Ask Kate Anything 

  • Want to pick Kate's brain? Great! She loves answering questions and sharing her experience and expertise. 

  • Best for people with 2-3 higher level or simple questions.

  • No review of information or context in advance. 

  • Virtual session that is not recorded.  

  • Cost: US$197

Ongoing Collaboration

  • Are you starting a new business or working through major changes in an existing business?

  • Feeling stuck and suffering from analysis paralysis? 

  • Kate understands that every person and business is unique, just like every financial plan is unique. There's no one size fits all so you may have discovered that what worked for someone else isn't working for you. 

  • Specializing in evolving businesses to add value, reduce expenses, increase efficiencies and expand your client base, you and Kate will focus first on what you want your business and life to look like, then create a plan to get there. 

  • All collaboration is done virtually and meetings are available in every time zone.   

  • Cost: US$497/month