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Three Steps to a Fulfilling, Future-Proof

Financial Advice Business

Reconnect with your why and implement global best practices in:

  •  Technology

  • Fee and service models

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

More time
for the things you enjoy
barriers to attracting your ideal clients
your business value
Stressed Woman
Stressed Woman

You became a financial adviser to help people but find yourself . . . 

Bogged down in manual processes

Spending too much time in your business rather than on your business

Helping clients create their best life while sacrificing your own

Pressured to gather assets or sell products over truly helping people that need and want your guidance

Knowing something needs to change and unsure where to begin

Team Lunch

Build a Fulfilling, Future-Proof Business

Increase Your Business Value
Attract the next generation of clients and employees. 
Simplify Systems and Processes
Make it easy and enjoyable for clients to work with you. 
Boost Career Satisfaction
Build more meaningful client relationships with coaching and build your business around your life rather than squeezing your life around your business.

Kate Holmes, CFP®

I know how hard it is to step back from a successful financial advice business and career and acknowledge that what worked up to that point wouldn't work forever. Technology, time and regulation have disrupted financial advice and will continue to do so. 

I felt this shift coming in 2013 and left my job as Principal of an AUM-based firm to start one of the first completely virtual monthly retainer financial planning businesses. I understand how daunting it can be to move away from the processes that seem to be working today to make sure you're positioned for a successful tomorrow. 

After a few years of running my financial planning business, I shifted to working with financial advisers and financial planners in 30+ countries across six continents to help build fulfilling, future-proof businesses. 

I can help you do the same. 



S P E A K I N G 

Add energy and actionable takeaways to your event with an experienced virtual and international speaker.


Allow yourself to work on the business, with a guiding parter. For solo and boutique financial advice businesses. 

C O N S U L T I N G 

Stay ahead of your competition and up with global best practices. For AdvisorTech and financial services companies. 


Learn from innovative financial advisers worldwide every Tuesday on The Innovating Advice Show. 

Architect hold plans

How to Become What You & Your Team Desire

(And What This Profession Needs)



to learn what's working, your biggest challenges and where you / your team would like to be



your plan for an innovative  business/career you love that's built around a life you love



the personal and professional fulfillment and peace of mind you've been seeking

Innovation is crucial to the success of any business.
Financial advice is no exception. 

With virtual meetings, clients now search for the best adviser, not the closest adviser. They increasingly understand that asset management and product sales are just two pieces of the puzzle and can be solved with growing direct-to-consumer solutions. 

"Clients don't need you any less. They need you differently." - Kate Holmes

With the world at our fingertips and life moving faster than ever, clients are seeking advisers they can relate to that make it easy and enjoyable to work together, with fee and service models that match their needs and a team that reflects society as a whole. 

Every small step forward makes a difference. Let's take the next step together.

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