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Increase the Value
of Your Business

for you, your clients, 

and your upcoming exit

Business Meeting

You've Built A Great Business

It was innovative when you launched. At the forefront of fees, services, systems and processes. But change has happened faster than you can (or want to!) keep up. 

You're no longer doing the things you enjoy. And while you keep a strong, happy front externally, while you're doing retirement plans for clients you're dreaming of your own next phase in life. 

Before throwing in the towel and selling your business or letting it slowly dissolve, we can identify specific actions you can take to 

In the half day Operations & Innovation Audit, we'll take a deep dive into your business from both the internal and external (client) perspective. We'll not only advise, we'll implement improvements to elevate your and your clients lives today and build a thriving business for tomorrow. 

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Half-Day Operations & Innovation Audit

Whether you're looking to sell your business next year or in ten years, you want it positioned for maximum ROI. 

With aging clients and outdated systems and processes, too many financial advice businesses are seeing their values eroded and owners walking away with less than you should. That doesn't have to be the case. 

In this half day Operations & Innovation Audit, we'll go through ten categories and identify specific actions you can take to increase the value of your business and your ROI. 

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Prospect Perceptions

First impressions from a prospect's perspective. We're often so ingrained in our own businesses that it's hard to objectively see them as a prospect or client does. 

Technology: Client Facing

Even if you maintain a brick and mortar office and in person meetings, it's imperative that technology be in place to make it easy, enjoyable and secure for clients to work with you. 

Service Models

Having clearly defined service models for each tier of client, shifting from product-centric to coaching-centric advice and having scalable and repeatable processes to maintain quality and maximize profitability. 

Client Diversity

Financial advice and financial planning are not just for late-career wealthy clients. Technology, fee and service models allow advisers to profitably and joyfully serve more diverse clientele. 

Profit & Loss Statement

Identify opportunities to lower expenses (e.g. a technology change), increase income and increase the value of your business for eventual sale. 

Technology: Internal

Technology is an essential part of running a valuable, scalable financial advice business. We'll look at what technology is in place, if it integrates, if it's being fully utilized and where gaps exist. 

Client Clarity

Having a clearly defined target clientele and  the percentage of current clients that meet that target. Plus, client segmentation and how best to serve each segment profitably.

Fee Models

Between regulatory and technological changes, the world is increasingly moving away from commissions and AUM fees. Those also often present a barrier for attracting high quality next generation advisers. 

Employee Diversity

You've seen the data. Diverse, inclusive and equitable teams consistently outperform and have greater profitability. 

Growth or Exit Plan

As the business owner, determine how well you're positioned for desired growth or an upcoming sale. 

Architect hold plans

How to Transform Your Business in Six Months



to learn what's working, your biggest challenges and where you & your team would like to be



your custom innovation plan over the next six months



the personal and professional fulfillment and peace of mind you've been seeking

Your Chief Innovation Officer

Kate Holmes, CFP®

I know how hard it is to step back from a successful financial advice business and acknowledge that what worked up to that point wouldn't work forever. Technology, time and regulation have disrupted financial advice and will continue to do so. 

I felt this shift coming in 2013 and left my job as Principal of an AUM-based firm (where I ran all operations, implemented new technology and streamlined processes) to start one of the first completely virtual, monthly retainer financial planning businesses.

After a few years of running my financial planning business, I shifted to working with financial advisers and financial planners in 30+ countries across six continents to bring innovation and increased value to their  businesses and their lives. 

I can help you do the same. 

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Weekly Video Series

More of a DIY or not ready to dive in yet? Start with a three-part mini workshop to identify opportunities for innovation in your financial advice / financial planning business.  

Then, get short, weekly videos with actionable advice to keep you at the forefront of innovation in your business.