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Increase the Value of 

Your Business and

Build Your Legacy

Get your roadmap to a successful exit*

*even if that exit is 15 years away

Business Meeting
​Business valuations are getting eroded.
The joy of day-to-day work is fading.
The next phase of life is calling.
Your business is your biggest asset and you’ve worked too hard for a minimal return.
Business Meeting
Pinpoint the actions that will increase the value of your business and your quality of life. Be confidently positioned for a strong sale and a lasting legacy. 
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Half-Day Operations & Innovation Audit

Through our half-day virtual Operations & Innovation Audit, we'll take a deep dive into four key areas. 


Following the audit, we'll present your Operations & Innovation Scorecard with detailed actions, recommended timelines and priorities.


This Scorecard serves as your roadmap to increase your business value and build your legacy. 

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Your Growth / Exit Strategy

As the business owner, determine your ultimate goals for your business and how well you're positioned for desired growth, succession planning or an upcoming sale. 

Fee and Service Models

Between regulatory and technological changes, the world is increasingly evolving beyond just commissions and AUM fees. And clear service tiers, a coaching-centric approach and scalable and repeatable processes help maintain quality and maximize profitability. 

Technology: Internal and Client Facing 

Technology is an essential part of running a valuable, scalable financial advice business. We'll look at what technology is in place, if it integrates, if it's being fully utilized and where gaps exist for your team and your clients.

Diversity and NextGen Clients and Employees

Financial advice and financial planning are not just for late-career wealthy clients. You can joyfully and profitably serve more diverse clients. And diverse, inclusive and equitable teams consistently outperform and have greater profitability. 

Business Meeting

From the first day of starting your financial advice/planning business, you dream of building a profitable, joyful business that serves your clients and your future. 

Then you realize you were so dedicated to helping your clients, you haven’t yet planned for a profitable exit or innovated to increase the value and attractiveness of your business.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve become an international expert in innovation and adding value in financial advice and planning businesses and have worked with advisers and planners in more than 30 countries. 

That’s why financial advisers worldwide turn to me to help increase the value of their business and build their legacy.  


Kate Holmes, CFP®

Architect hold plans

Three Steps to Increase the Value of Your Business



to learn what's working, your biggest challenges and where you and your team would like to be



to pinpoint the actions that will increase the value of your business for a strong sale and lasting legacy. 

Includes prep call, half-day virtual audit and follow up call with Scorecard. 


(approx. £775, €850,
CA$1,330, AU$1,400, R16,650)




and enjoy a more valuable, profitable business that will boost your long-term financial returns and quality of life. 

Business Meeting
With more than 1/3 of financial advisers expected to retire in the next ten years and the majority having no exit strategy, business values are eroding and advisers risk their businesses dissolving as they age. 

At Innovating Advice, our Operations & Innovation Audit pinpoints the actions that will increase the value of your business and we guide you through implementation to be confidently positioned for a strong sale and a lasting legacy. 


Know that you and your clients will be well taken care of once you exit your business, and each day until then. 

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Weekly Video Series

More of a DIY or not ready to dive in yet? Start with a three-part mini workshop to identify opportunities for innovation in your financial advice or financial planning business.  

Then, get short, weekly videos with actionable advice to keep you at the forefront of innovation in your business.