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If this sounds like you, join IAC today: 

  • You want to be surrounded by passionate, positive people that are pushing the industry forward  

  • You value collaboration and have an abundance mindset

  • You are committed to continually learning and evolving, and sharing what you've learned with others

  • You understand that mindset matters more than fee models, certifications or years of experience

  • You want to be part of a fun, innovative community and participate in global initiatives

$47/m until cancelled. 

Please remember, your membership is subject to the Membership Agreement


Our vision is to become the US's most widely recognized, and best-loved, community organization focused on supporting the financial advice and financial planning community in building profession defining, client-focused businesses and awesome career pathways.


By joining the IA Community you’ll be part of making this vision a reality!



The community is made up of financial services heroes who support each other and offer help and support daily through our dedicated, distraction-free social network. It is here that the value of the IA Community becomes evident, in building great relationships, ideas and even businesses together.

The community offers a space to collaborate and showcase the absolute best that the profession has to offer worldwide. 

In addition to joining our awesome community of financial services heroes, you'll receive the following benefits: 


  • Massive discount on the annual global conference 

  • Free and discounted IAC Masterclasses curated by IAC members and financial services experts

  • IAC Peer Board every month -- an opportunity to share ideas and fix problems with your peers under Chatham House Rules

  • Access to fun monthly challenges on topics like marketing, social media, video content and more (see below for upcoming challenges)

  • Accountability and support through sharing your weekly goals each Monday

  • A community to celebrate your weekly wins with each Friday

  • Great discounts on software, training, fun gifts and more

  • An opportunity to participate in the free International Speaker & Influencer Program and speak at the annual global conference

  • And much more . . . 

All of this, plus our community, in one place on the dedicated IAC Social Network for only:


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join IAC if I'm outside the USA?  

Yes! Membership is open to any current and aspiring client-facing financial planners/advisors, and select related professionals, with a positive, collaborative, evolving mindset. 

Note that if you're in the UK, we encourage you to join NextGen Planners instead and if you're in Australia, the XY Adviser platform may be a better fit with more locally relevant content. 

Can I join IAC if I'm not currently or aspiring to be a client-facing advisor/planner? ​ 

A small number of related professionals that are committed to providing value to IAC members and not soliciting or selling will be welcomed. 

How do I sign up for the Video Creation Masterclass and receive three months free membership?

Have you had 'video content' on your to do list for a while but have been too nervous or overwhelmed to start? We've got you covered with a 3-month Masterclass to maximize your comfort on camera, walk you through the technical elements and master content creation with videos that create themselves. 

Learn more here and if you register, you'll automatically receive three months free IAC membership. 

Other questions? ​ 

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.