Everything financial advisors need to

Grow your business with video

Financial advisors understand the power of video to differentiate themselves and grow their business, but they don’t know where to start.


With IAC, you get everything you need to easily and authentically leverage video to take your business to the next level.

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Member Benefits

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Regular group coaching and weekly accountability hours
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Monthly workshops with industry experts 
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Success stories and interesting case studies 
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Equipment recommendations for all budgets
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Safe space to share your videos for feedback and encouragement
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Discounts on workshops and the 3-month Video Creation Masterclass (VCM)
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Knowledge base with tips, tools, review and how to's
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Open forum for questions, to get help, inspiration or a confidence boost
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A great way to grow your network and authentically meet others - through video!

Have Fun While Attracting More of Your Ideal Clients When You Join IAC


In this stuffy profession, you'll quickly realize that being truly you is the best path to growth - and we'll help you find your 'true you' voice. 

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You'll impress and stand out with short, personal videos - which you'll be able to do faster than sending an email! 


Video communicates all of the human elements in ways text never can - allowing people to know, like and trust you before you even meet. 

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Full price: $1,200/yr


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Kickstart your video journey with our structured, 3-month Video Creation Masterclass (VCM). Full details here

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Once you have joined, you will receive an email inviting you to our community and explaining everything that you need to get started.

Please note that membership is subject to the membership agreement.

*The Founders Circle discount applies to the first year's membership. In order to create a vibrant and sustainable community, continuation of the Founders Circle discount will be based on engagement, referrals and feedback from the Founders Circle members. 



Founder & Head of Community, Nudges and Encouragement


I know how hard it can be to grow your business on top of all your other responsibilities. In 2013, I started one of the first completely virtual, monthly retainer financial planning businesses.


Leveraging my degree in photography, I implemented video early on to efficiently share my message and attract my ideal clients.


I now combine my two passions - helping to grow the financial planning profession and the power of video - and have helped scores of financial advisors across six continents do just that.


The best way to get ahold of me is to use the 'Talk to me' button in the bottom right and ... you guessed it! Send me a video. 

Be sure to include your name and email afterwards so that I can respond. :)


Do I need to be a financial advisor to join?

Anyone in financial services is welcome! Only criteria is that you're kind, engaged, provide constructive feedback and have fun. Financial services = current and aspiring financial advisors and financial planners, operations and awesome support staff, career changers, vendors, B2B, etc. Still curious if you're a fit? Shoot me a message using the 'talk to me' button in the bottom right.

Will you send me the equipment I need?

Because everyone's needs and budgets are a little different, we provide a range of recommendations and it's up to you to decide and purchase. Attending a group coaching session or accountability hours (exclusive to members) are a great opportunity to review your setup and make specific recommendations.

Will you edit my videos?

At this time, we do not provide editing services but like all great communities, benefits will be added based on feedback from members. The initial focus is on getting comfortable in front of the camera and consistently leveraging video - whether through video emails, social media, newsletters/blogs, your website, client experience, etc. Like learning anything new, it's about building a solid foundation until those habits are second nature.

Do you provide scripts?

Aside from compliance (see next question), the main reason people rely on scripts is because they're nervous on camera. This is a key area we focus on, especially in the Video Creation Masterclass. We also focus heavily on being authentically you so your take on when to rollover a 401(k), the best 529, DAFs, stock options or whether to buy an investment property will differ from others, and we celebrate that. IAC does help you with drafting outlines, different video formats to help you remember your key points and simple editing tricks to smooth out those thought bumps.

What about compliance?

Compliance around videos is much easier for RIAs (relatively speaking - I still feel your pain!) and we'll have workshops and resources to support. Those in the B/D world are fully welcome to join IAC but there are no plans at this time to support the compliance hurdles you face. However, if you've got a supportive B/D and a manageable compliance system, come join the video revolution!

So, is this all about authenticity?

Yes! It's about being and sharing the true you, your thoughts, opinions, value and expertise. It's about changing the conversation of what a financial advisor or financial planner does and looks like. The majority of the population still has one outdated view and video is the best medium to change that. In the process, it'll boost your confidence, delight your clients, attract more of your ideal clients and expand your network of other innovative people in the profession.

Do you do one-on-one coaching?

Yes! If you'd prefer one-on-one coaching, you can schedule a 60-min session here or a 30-min session here.