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Propelling the global financial planning profession forward with innovators like you.

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The show for forward-thinking financial advisers, financial planners and related professionals from all corners of the globe. Featuring innovative and action-oriented guests worldwide discussing the latest in practice management strategies and technology, diversity, evolving business models and fee structures, and shifting client expectations to help you always be at the top of your game. 

Committed to geographic, racial and gender diversity, including featuring 50% women guests. 

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We do things differently. 

  • Fun, positivity and innovation are driving forces

  • Initiatives you won't see anywhere else

  • Locally focused (USA), globally engaged 

  • Inclusive to all client-facing advisors/planners, regardless of compensation, certifications, etc.

  • Masterclasses, 30-day challenges, Peer Board, accountability, Friday wins, and oh so much more

Video Creation Masterclass

An Innovating Advice and Max of 3 Co-Production


You've seen the impact of video, when you stop scrolling to watch on social media, when you see videos on websites (like this one!) and if you're one of the 2 billion monthly users on YouTube. It's one of the most effective mediums for building trust and credibility and attracting your ideal clients. 

While video has long been important, it's even more so as everyone continues to adjust to this virtual world and building a valuable virtual brand. 

Join the next 3-month Masterclass to maximize your comfort on camera, learn the technical elements and master content creation with videos that create themselves. Fun also included.

Coaching & Consulting


Whether you're planning to start a new business or evolve an existing one, like developing a client's financial plan, we'll focus on the areas that are relevant to you. 

From ad hoc support to an in depth Operations & Innovations audit, we'll meet you where you're at and will pinpoint the actions that will increase the value, efficiency and joy of running your business. 


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Featured White Paper

What does acting in your clients’ best interest mean to you and when was the last time you challenged that thinking?

In this status-quo-challenging white paper, Stacey McKinnon, Morton Capital COO outlines the 5 Untold Truths of Acting In Your Clients' Best Interest with lots of actionable advice.


Forward by Innovating Advice's Kate Holmes.

Propelling the global financial planning profession forward with innovators like you. 

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