Helping financial advisors

Easily and authentically grow with video

Financial advisors understand the power of video to differentiate and grow, but often don’t know where to start.
That's where the Video Creation Masterclass comes in. 

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  • Three modules - one month each
    • Building comfort and confidence on camera​
    • Mastering the technical
    • Creating valuable and engaging content
  • Content dripped out Mon-Fri
  • Weekly challenges with with 60-second videos due each Fri. to build practice and consistency
  • Plan to spend 1-2 hours per week, whenever it's most convenient for you
  • Meet others, collaborate, challenge yourself and your business and have FUN!
  • The Video Creation Masterclass now includes access to everything in the Innovating Advice Community (IAC) for 3-months!
  • That includes weekly live coaching (every Weds. at 9am PT/12pm ET), accountability groups, monthly expert workshops, more support and collaboration throughout

Have Fun While Attracting More of Your Ideal Clients


In this stuffy profession, you'll quickly realize that being truly you is the best path to growth - and we'll help you find your 'true you' voice. 

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You'll impress and stand out with short, personal videos - which you'll be able to do faster than sending an email! 


Video communicates all of the human elements in ways text never can - allowing people to know, like and trust you before you even meet. 

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IAC Member Benefits

The video creation masterclass is part of the Innovating Advice Community (IAC) - the only advisor community focused entirely on leveraging video in your business - and includes access to all IAC member benefits for three-months.* 
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Regular group coaching and weekly study halls
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Monthly workshops with industry experts 
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Equipment recommendations for all budgets
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Open forum for questions, to get help, inspiration or a confidence boost
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Knowledge base with tips, tools, review and how to's
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Safe space to share your videos for feedback and encouragement
*Additional fee for IAC beyond the 3-months included in the Video Creation Masterclass (VCM)

How to get started today

Video Creation Masterclass (VCM)

Kickstart your video journey with our structured, 3-month Video Creation Masterclass (VCM). This includes access to all Innovating Advice Community (IAC) benefits like accountability groups, weekly Study Halls, monthly guest expert workshops and additional support, for 3-months.  Full details here


Innovating Advice Community (IAC) Membership

Are you already comfortable on camera and good with the technical elements but seeking community, coaching, accountability and support?

Join IAC for access to all community features, open office hours/study halls, group coaching, accountability sessions, expert workshops and ongoing support to grow and improve your business and yourself with video. 


VCM + IAC Membership - *Most Popular Option

Get the best of all worlds with the 3-month Video Creation Masterclass and an annual membership to IAC. This is the most popular option as VCM sets a great foundation and builds consistency, and the accountability, nudges and support provided through IAC ensure you stay on track to complete your video goals. Plus, when you sign up for both together, you save $300.


Once you have joined, you will receive an email inviting you to our community and explaining everything that you need to get started.

Please note that membership is subject to the membership agreement.



Founder & Head of Community, Nudges and Encouragement


I know how hard it can be to grow your business on top of all your other responsibilities. In 2013, I started one of the first completely virtual, monthly retainer financial planning businesses.


Leveraging my degree in photography, I implemented video early on to efficiently share my message and attract my ideal clients.


I now combine my two passions - helping to grow the financial planning profession and the power of video - and have helped scores of financial advisors across six continents do just that.


The best way to get ahold of me is to use the 'Talk to me' button in the bottom right and ... you guessed it! Send me a video. 

Be sure to include your name and email afterwards so that I can respond. :)